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Each week I talk to Olympians, pro athletes, TV stars, Grammy winners, CEOs, elite coaches, bestselling authors, and other high-performers to uncover their secrets to success. 

One thing is clear—you achieve more success and happiness by doing the unexpected. It’s what I call the “Everybody Pulls The Tarp” mindset. 

Learn from my conversations with some of the world’s most successful people.

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Learn from the world's most successful people

Each week I interview Olympians, pro athletes, CEOs, elite coaches, bestselling authors, & other high-performers on my podcast Everybody Pulls The Tarp


In each of these conversations, I uncover techniques we can all apply to maximize our success and happiness. 

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Great teams are powered by individuals who contribute in unexpected ways.

"Everybody Pulls The Tarp" is a mantra I live by. It is a lesson I learned many years ago as a front office intern for a minor league baseball team. On my first day, a front office executive told me to keep a pair of old clothes at the ballpark so I could help the grounds crew pull the tarp on and off the field on rainy days.   

I learned that minor league grounds crews are typically smaller than their major league counterparts. The field is the same size and the same work needs to be done—but there are a lot less people to do it. As a result, others in the organization often help to get the job done. 


A team-first, do-whatever-it-takes mindset is an ingredient to success in all aspects of life.  If you want to excel, take the phrase "that's not my job" out of your vocabulary. 

Everybody pulls the tarp!


Andrew Moses

VIDEO: The 'Everybody Pulls The Tarp' Mindset

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