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Each week I talk to Olympians, pro athletes, TV stars, Grammy winners, CEOs, elite coaches, bestselling authors, & other high-performers about their success secrets. 

We explore the habits, techniques, & mindsets that power their success.  

Each conversation is packed with actionable ideas & lessons you can apply to your own life — personally & professionally.

New episodes available weekly!

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My Everybody Pulls The Tarp Story

In 2004, I interned for a minor league baseball team. 

I expected to spend 100% of my time in an office — learning the business of sports. 

Turns out, I was wrong. 

On my first day, they told me everyone in the office — from the CEO to the new interns — must be prepared to pull the tarp on & off the field when it rained.

I was confused and thought to myself, isn't that what a grounds crew is for? Then, I learned that minor league grounds crews are much smaller than their MLB counterparts. Even though the field is the same size. 

So, in the minor leagues everybody pitches in regardless of your title, role, or years of experience. Everybody Pulls The Tarp. 

Since then, I believe the world's best companies, teams, & communities are powered by tarp pullers. People who lead by example, do the unexpected, & roll up their sleeves (all for the greater good!)

Now I'm on a mission to shine a spotlight on successful people in sports, entertainment, business, & everyday life who pull the tarp in their own lives. 

Thanks for joining me on the journey! Together, we can build a world full of tarp pullers.

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